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The incident which happened today in parliament, where Thyolo North parliamentarian Anita Kalinde man-handled Home Affairs and Internal Security minister could have been prevented had Speaker of the National Assembly Right Honorable Henry Chimunth Banda ordered Aaron Sangala to withdrawal his remarks. The minister alleged that the late husband to the lady  legisltaor was involved in selling private body parts.

According to Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) member parliament for Karonga Nyungwe, Khwauli Msiska, the issue could not have gone that far had Sangala withdrawn his statements.

Members from both the ruling and opposition benches interviewed on the matter blamed the speaker for not intervening  in time to save the situation.

According to parliamentary procedures, if a member mentions somebody who cannot defend himself or a dead person, the rules  requires that such a member should withdraw his or her statement.

The commotion started when the minister presented the first ever report on the investigation into the death of 4th year engineering student, Robert Chasowa in September this year. Hovever, Kalinde and other members in the house suggested that the Inspector General (IG) of Police Peter Mukhito, be  relieved of his dutie pending investigations; saying he was an interested party in the matter and that reports indicate that he once worked with the late Chasowa.

The Thyolo North lawmaker further wondered as to why government did not institute an independent commission to look into the mysterious death of the University of Malawi student.

Instead of responding to the questions raised by the members, Hon. Sangala  alleged that he had fresh memories of Hon Kalinde’s late husband,  Marshall Mdukulira Mbwatalika The Dukes’ involvement in body parts selling.

This did not go down well with Hon. Kalinde and some members on the opposition benches who asked the speaker to intervene and the minister to retract his allegations. The speaker did not act to both requests and instead adjourned the proceedings for tea break.

Just afer the speaker had come out of the chamber; Hon. Kalinde went straight to where Hon Sangala was seating; she made him to stand up, and grabbed him by the neck. The minister’s shirt was torn in the process and its buttons falling.

In an interview, after the scuffle, Sangala maintained he stood by what he said. Ms Kalinde refused to comment.


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  1. Kalinde wasn’t wrong as Marshall is not Anita and you can not blame the wife for the wrongz of the husband unless the wife shows indication that she is involved as is the case with Bingu whereby Callista show such.

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