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DPP Youth Cadets recruited into National Intelligence

Soon after the appointment of President Bingu wa Mutharika’s adviser on youth affairs,  Binton Kutsaila, to head the Malawi’s National Intelligence Service (NIS), the body has already recruited over 50 Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth cadets.

The Youth Cadets, christened by the Bingu wa Muthalika, is a paramilitary wing of the ruling DPP who, recently, have become famous for dealing with any opposition to Muthalika and his party

The move, according to a senior intelligence officer, is one way of silencing those who are deemed to be anti-government and to rig the 2014 general elections.

Speaking on strict condition of anonymity, the  source said this has has sparked some in-house protests of the illiterate cadets into the system.  “The old guards are arguing that the youth cadets so far recruited have no relevant credentials, ability and expertise to take up the job. Our fear is that the move would easily jeopardize the professional operations of the security establishments in the country,” said the source.

The recruitment has seen some of the well known cadets like Rajab Malimba, Owen Malijani, Mussa and Kaunda amongst others being added to the payroll of NIS funded by taxpayers. Some of these were involved in the roughing up of Lilongwe City Council Chief Executive Kelvin M’mangisa at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) a couple of weeks ago.

The source further disclosed that the Office of President and Cabinet is already processing passports and other relevant documents to enable the party zealots to undergo training in the People’s Republic of China.

A cross-section of people have been questioning Kutsaila’s appointment to head the Intelligence body owing to his background as an agriculturalist and a politician with no known knowledge, training or experience of [security] intelligence. However, Information Minister, Patricia Kaliati, downplayed the concerns arguing that he is inactive politician.