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Government has bowed down to pressure to release renowned lawyer Ralph Kasambara on bail following calls from opposition, civil society, concerned citizens as well as the international community.

This has come after government resisted the release of Kasambara by Minister of Justice Ephraim Chiume who said in a statement he delivered in parliament in the morning.

Just after the house resumed and ten minutes into deliberations, the Justice minister had asked the Speaker of the National Assembly if he could be given time to ake a brief statement to the honourable house and the entire nation.

“Mr Speaker sir, further more to my response to the parliamentary question from honourable member for Salima South and based on medical advice from medical experts and indeed in accordance with the adherence to the rule of law, I am pleased to announce that government will be releasing Mr Ralph Kasambara and five accomplices on bail this afternoon”,  said Chiume.
The statement had surprised the house as only an hour was gone when the same minister presented a statement that government would not release Kasambara  looking at the gravity of the offence he and five others committed.

The minister alleged that Kasambara and his accomplices committed offences among others causing grievous harm, abduction of a person; amongst others.

Reacting to the statement the minister had delivered, the opposition side were not convinced and wanted more clarification but the Speaker only allowed two questions and closed the matter.

Ministers response to Kasambara saga was due to a question that was asked last week Friday by member for Salima South ,who is also Malabvi Peoples Party president if Malawi was in a state of emergency following the detention of lawyer Kasambara.

See the next post for the ministerial statement.


Comments on: "Mw Govt bows down to pressure, releases lawyer Kasambara" (1)

  1. Kalima said:

    This govt is a joke , the same mistakes all the time.

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