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The Deputy Minister in the office of president and cabinet, Honourable  Nicholas Dausi was the guest of honor in an official launch of birth registration in hospitals and health facilities in Malawi that took place on 27th march, 2012 at Bwaila Hospital maternity wing in Lilongwe.

This programme encourages every citizen to register in home district and every newly born baby immediately after birth to acquire nationality.

Speaking at the function, Dausi said this programme is very important in the way that it will terminate child labour, child traffic, early marriages, illegal adoption and even prostitution he also said that Malawi is the only national that has no national identity cards which is responsible for nationality, citizenship and public security so having started the programme Malawians nationality will be identified by those national identification cards which is in the office of president.

Dausi further said, “This programme is a mile stone of the development because Malawians were just walking as animals without identification” to wrap up he thanked the state president professor Dr Bingu wa mutharika who is responsible, for sending him as a representative.

To sum up what Dausi said, the principal secretary of national registration bureau, Francis Chinsinga said the  programme will help in the development of the country and it will help to know the birth rate and death rate in the country per day and the whole month.

The director of registration District Commissioner Paul Kalilombe advised all expectant mothers to decide names of unborn babies to make sure they are registered soon after birth he also said that to hold this function in Lilongwe it’s a great privilege, there after he thanked all chiefs, Bwaila Hospital staff and all the people for attending the function, Kalilombe also thanked the United Children fund and Plan for the support to children of Malawi.

Among other guest UNICEF Country representative and representative of United Nation were also there. To spice up the function, healthy Education Unit Band entertained the people after that Chindime and Samalani hit the stage.

It is not far fetched   that foreigners  easily get  away with it because identification becomes a problem. The population of the country will be easily accessed and it also enable the home affairs to depot anyone without the Malawi identification. It is with match regret that we are far behind because developed countries this programme was already put in force long time ago. Launching this programme will also help our beloved Malawians who are living in remote areas to benefit a lot because the identities will help them when doing transactions with banks.            




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