Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) National Governing Council (NGC) earlier today unanimously endorsed State Vice President Joyce Banda as the caretaker President as per the constitutional provisions. Out of the all the members, only three did not endorse Madam Banda; instead proposing either Peter, Bingu wa Mutharika’s brother or Henry Chimunthu Banda, the National Assembly Speaker to take over.

The meeting took place at Area 12 suburb in Lilongwe.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports indicate to the fact that Right Honourable Joyce Banda has taken over leadership of the country if the presence of the dean of the diplomatic community in Malawi Thandiwe Dumbu-tshena, who is also Zimbabwe’s High Commissioner to Malawi at the Vice President’s press briefing is anything to go by. Also in attendance were ambassadors from Tanzania, Norway, Germany and China.

This blogger is following up on reports that the Army Commander has passed on the baton of authority to the Rt Hon Banda. Will update this blog shortly


Comments on: "Only 3 DPP NGC Members refuse to recognise JB" (15)

  1. raitostory said:

    We would appreciate it if we knew your credentials, are you a journalist or someone in the government?

    • Well, I am journalist based in Malawi. I am not and I have never been associated with any side of the political divide. My duty is to inform the public on the what’s happening around me

  2. If the constitution is clear, let them follow it. They should feel the pain which UDF suffered when it was dumped.

    Rest in peace my President.

  3. who are the 3 who are refusing Rebecca?

  4. joch said:

    why cann’t mention the three for record sake and rumours about injunction

    • I have the three names with me; but in the interest of their security and the volatile political situation in the country; I have chosen to keep the names for now

  5. is it really true that JB has been given the mantle of leadership by the Malawi Army?

    • I am vigorously following up on that. But thats what is wideley believed owing to the continuos presence of Brigadier General Odillo at the Vice President’s residence through out the day

  6. Bird'sEye said:

    Kkkkkkkk! Kicks of a dying horse. Kaliati z doomed. Thse ppl r so shameless,fightin 4 power instead of honoring th remains of their bo$$ and arranging programme ya nyifwa.

  7. Brigjt Salijeni said:

    It’s hightime the DPP govt ministers realise that they have lost it all. God has saved Malawians from further suffering by cutting the life of a tyrant and dictator Bingu. Free we are finally and let Joyce Banda run the country.

  8. Peterson Lipenga said:

    Let justice prevail

  9. prechope said:

    I would appreciate if you mention thenames since the information you’ve given is already dangerous to your security

  10. carlo said:

    keep it up we are waiting for more information

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