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Fate foils the best laid plans, so they say. Whosoever tweaked these words could have had Professor Arthur Peter Muthalika on his mind.

News has it that the 2014 Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) torch bearer was due to get married to a Benin lady in Benin on Saturday April 7 2012. Sources say, preparations were underway in the tiny West African country where the wedding was supposed to take place. The law professor was due to fly to Cotonou on Friday April 6.

The news of the wedding was kept a secret as it was feared that it would spark resentment from a lot of people who have for long anticipated that the late president’s brother was taking one Balaka lady parliamentarian for a wife.

All plans were thwarted by the untimely death of his elder brother Bingu wa Muthalika, 78, on Thursday April 5 2012.

Meanwhile, Mapeto DWS is currently printing cloth for the funeral of the late president. Burial, according to sources, is expected to take place on Monday April 23 2012 at his Ndata farm in Thyolo district. The remains arrive in Malawi this Thursday April 12 2012 from South Africa.


Comments on: "Mapeto DWS prints Bingu funeral cloth" (6)

  1. Though they say fate with traitors do contrive but here it has foiled:Redress

  2. MAKE TITATU said:

    may your soul rest in peace.nafe tikhale okomzeka chifukwa sitidziwa tsiku lomwe ambuye adzabwere pamoyo wathu.

  3. ben chitsime said:

    Its a welcome development as long as its not Gvt money.

  4. married to who?

  5. paja zikachuitika ndimawela kwa iwe ..write on my sister

  6. Yah he deserves a memorial cloth. Koma Pitalayo, why cud he be so secretive on his marriage? This one Is a crook eti?

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