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As government of President Mrs. Joyce Banda continues with its sweeping exercise in crucial positions, this blogger understands that former Army Commander Mark Chiziko is going to replace Binton Kuntsaira as the Chief Intelligence Officer. Kuntsaira, an agriculturist, has been appointed director in the ministry of agriculture.

In a related development, Peoples Party Director of Women, Mrs. Mary Makungwa has now replaced Margret Chiponda as Presidential Adviser for Women Affairs in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC). Chris Kangombe, who was amongst the five Principal Secretaries (PSs) who were put on bench by the late Bingu wa Mutharika government has been relocated to the Vice President’s office.


Comments on: "Mai Chiponda fired; Kuntsaira re-assigned" (3)

  1. Bofomo said:

    Where did Kuntsaira work before he joined politics, i am interested to know, otherwise i dont see any reason why he should be a director in the Ministry of Agriculture, we need people of very low political affliations in civil service otherwise these are the same that may derail Government policies because of their political appetite!! I find the appointment of General Chiziko to head the Intelligence Unit as one of the best decision taken by President Banda, this kind of job is of military nature than political, you can look at examples in the US, UK, SA and else where.

  2. Mpunga said:

    A chaponda akapume akula komanso adya zambiri ku UDF ndi ku DPP

  3. Patrick Njawala said:

    Mr Bintony Kunstaira joined politics whilst still in college. He studied at Bunda College of Agriculture. I did an interview with him about 10-12 years ago when he became a parliamentarian. He was quite young back then. I do not recall him telling me that he had ever worked elsewhere (I stand to be corrected) But he has a degree from Bunda College of Agriculture.

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