Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

When all had thought the new broom had worn out quickly, the sweeping has gained more momentum; this time reaching out to clean the unchartered corners of government, the legislature. The in-the-news Clerk of Parliament, Mrs Maltilda Zande Katopola, has been replaced by private practice lawyer, Ishmael Wadi.

Ishmael Wadi was the youthful Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) in the first term of late Bingu wa Mutharika’s rule before he was forced to resign for failure to comply with instructions from ‘the appointing authority’ through a public speech late wa Mutharika made at the opening of Trade Fair in Blantyre.

Katopola has been in the news for all the bad reasons since she was drafted to be the chief executive officer to Parliament in January 2006 by the late president. She was implicated in [influencing] awarding secretarial services contract to her company. She was back in the news for taking an electricity interconnection bill for presidential consent before it was presented and debated in the chamber.

She has now been reallocated to be a high court judge at the Mzuzu registry.


Comments on: "Stop Press: Katopola is fired; Wadi is back" (7)

  1. joch said:

    Are you saying she has appointed a High Court judge or something to do with admin. I doubt if she is sharp enough to be a Judge

  2. Mawusa said:

    madame president is over-appointing. Some of these posts should be competed for by qualified candidates. I am getting worried.

    • What happened to our sanity in as far as key government appointments are concerned? Is the president consulting enough on these appointments? I doubt and I am bent to beleive that sooner of later we will get back to our old self and continue doing what other failed leaders did in the past. As a country, we need to place our professional morals above everyhting and ensure that national iterest drives our agenda. As long as we compromise on our professionalism and pretend that we are professionals when we are far from it, this beautiful country will continue being plugued inot chaos by the powers be and the masses will continue suffering in silence. As a Malawian in diaspora, I am at pains to accept some of these meagre and misplaced appointments. May be we should start demanding public accountabilities and transparancy in all these appointments. I rest my case.

  3. Denno said:

    I wonder where she would gain the credibility to judge others after being implicated herself in acts deemed unlawful. A different deployment would befit her and not a judge or whatsoever!!

  4. Then she hasnt been fired, school me here, fired or transfered to another arm of govt?

  5. 4rm the highest ranking political position to the lowest, all r dirty!

  6. A mai Pulezidenti needs good advisers. Nothing else. Jealous and envy wont help us. Mumadziwanso azimayife tii ndi mvuto.

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