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Barely few weeks after he was fired as central bank chief, Dr Perks M Ligoya can now start mastering diplomacy 101. He now heads to New Delhi, India to be Malawi’s High Commissioner.

He replaces Chrissie Chawanje Mughogho who was among the first diplomats to be recalled late April 2012 by the new President Mrs Joyce Banda. Ambassador Mughogho was given 3 months to wind up her tour of duty!

Dr Ligoya who has been Governor of the Reserve of Malawi (RBM) since 2009 was replaced by Charles Chuka, a former RBM manager for economic services and former senior advisor at the World Bank.

Ligoya’s tenure as top central banker was characterised by forex shortage and an over-valued Kwacha against the major trading currencies.


Comments on: "Ligoya is now Mw’s High Commissioner to India" (3)

  1. Mike said:

    Wat a th blanders he was counted? wl thy nt feature in new dheli?

  2. good for him, traded one post for the other

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