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In what is believed to be yet another executive appointment stunt, President Mrs Joyce Banda has appointed Brian Banda, of Capital Radio Malawi Limited, as Press Officer responsible for print and electronic media. This is a new dimension in the press team that the Malawian presidency has had.

Brian Banda, popular for his Capital StraightTalk and Sunday Roundtable programs on the privately owned FM radio station will join Steven Nhlane in the presidential press team. Nhlane, formerly of Blantyre Newspapers Limited is Press Secretary. The appointment of the two pushes off Ruth Govati who has worked for Madam Banda since 2009 when she became Vice President

In the recent past, the president has had Presidential Spokesperson and Statehouse press officer without specifying which dimension of the media the two position holders were dealing with.

With Brian Banda handling print and electronic media, which includes radio, television, newspapers and magazines; it is not clear if President Banda will task someone to be responsible for the new media, also known as social media like Facebook, twitter, blogs, Google+, etc.


Comments on: "Stop Press: Press Officer for Print & Electronic Media is appointed" (1)

  1. kabuluzi said:

    Martha Chikuni is already doing the new media work…ndiyetu kuli kuyesetsa tiziona

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