Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton with a delegation of business people is expected to jet into the country on Sunday August 5 2012 as part of her visit to six African nations. She is expected to meet President Joyce Banda at the state house in Lilongwe to discuss economic and political governance and reform. She is also expected to visit two projects on education and agriculture funded by her government.

This will be the first time for Secretary of State to visit Malawi and second time for a high ranking US official to visit the Warm Heart of Africa. In 1991 the then Vice President Dan Quayle visited Malawi as part of his 5-nations tour of Africa.

In a random interview conducted by this blogger on the streets of capital, Lilongwe as well as on social networks, most Malawians feels her visit is a step ahead in as far as relationship between Malawi and the USA is concerned. Bernard Sitola a street vendor says although he is not aware of Mrs. Clinton visit he feels that all the challenges that Malawi is facing could be tackled during her discussion with the State President.

Others feel that her visit is a milestone to the country as she will see for herself how Malawians are struggling to make ends meet; adding that USA remains one of the biggest donors and Malawi stand to benefit a lot in terms of economic activities as well as strengthening of democracy. Others are of the view that her visit is simply to negotiate business deals concerning the recent revelations of oil possibilities on Lake Malawi and discoveries of uranium and other mineral deposits across the landlocked southern African country.

Mrs. Clinton has been already been to Senegal where she met that country’s new leader, President Macky Sall and other national leaders and delivered a speech applauding the resilience of Senegal’s democratic institutions and highlighting America’s approach to partnership.

Today Friday, August 3, Secretary Clinton is the Africa’s newest nation, South Sudan where she meets with President Kiir to reaffirm U.S. support and to encourage progress in negotiations with Sudan to reach agreement on issues related to security, oil and citizenship before proceeding to Uganda and Kenya before she visits Malawi.


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