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Outcome of Tanzania and Malawi talk on boundary is expected to be finalized any time from now.

Experts between the two countries have been meeting the past five day in Mzuzu to find a lasting solution to the Lake Malawi wrangle. Minister of Foreign Affairs has just finished his speech at the opening of the meeting in Lilongwe. He has asked the countries to resolve the matter with sober minds.

‘We have to look on the issue with sober minds. And the issue should be dealt with once and for all,’ urged Mganda Chiume

However Tanzania Minister for Lands Cornelius Mwembe said political will, patience, is what the two countries need in such a serious issue. ‘Let’s not let the negotiations come to a standstill,’ Mwembe emphasized.

(I am there to break it out! Watch the blog)


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  1. Thoko Chiyaka said:

    In u we’v a complete journo. We r wetn.

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