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The ruling Peoples Party (PP) officials including State President Joyce Banda have their companies and associates dominate the suppliers and transporters list of the 2012/13 fertilizer subsidy program, this blog has established.

According to documents in our possession, out of the 27 companies that have been awarded the fertilizer supply contracts, 14 of them have direct and indirect connection to cabinet ministers and PP Members of Parliament (MPs) while 7 of them belongs to party supporters and sympathizers including funders.

On the suppliers list, Astor Chemicals, owned by one Abdul Gaffer Mohamed Sidik Mia, according to company registration documents, is expected to supply 1,000 metric tons of NPK and 500 metric tons of Urea giving a total supply contract of 1500 metric tons.

Coincidentally, Mohamed Sidik Mia is Transport and Public Infrastructures Minister and also doubles as the ruling party’s vice president for the south. If Abdul Gaffer Mohamed Sidik Mia, owner of Astor Chemicals and Sidik Mia, the cabinet minister are different persons, is to say the least, a bad coincidence.

Also on the list is Boss Distributors which is directly linked to Justice Minister and Attorney General Ralph Kasambara, SC which has been awarded to supply 500 metric tons of urea. And according to his Facebook profile, Hon. Kasambara is Chairman and Executive Director of Boss Car Hire. It is not immediately known if Boss Distributors is an off-shoot of Boss Car Hire

I investments and Options which also belong to the ruling party functionaries have also been included on the suppliers list. Mzati Investments and Yafuka are some of the companies owned by MPs that defected to the ruling party from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and have been rewarded for belonging to the ruling club. Yafuka belongs to Thyolo Parliamentarian Charles Mchacha while Mzati belongs to Luphale.

Further investigations have revealed that some of these companies are of briefcase nature to the effect that they don’t know where to get the fertilizer. In order to cover up their low capacity to source the donor funded subsided fertilizer, they are getting the commodity from the rejected stone, Mulli Brothers there by defeating the whole purpose of the recent tender cancellation which many believed only aimed at crippling DPP financiers.

On the other hand, out of the 43 transporters hired to ferry the commodity to all the districts in Malawi, almost 28 are politically connected to Joyce Banda government.

Number 21 on the list is KK Properties which belongs to State Vice president Khumbo Kachali which is said to have capacity to ferry the commodity in all the regions. JB Investments with direct links to the highest powers is on number 17. Just like Kachali’s KK Properties, JB Investments is said to have capacity to haul the subsidized fertilizer to all the three regions of the impoverished southern African nation.

Other companies connected to the powers that be are AJ Stationers, Alidere Transport, Chembe Trading, Fatso Investments, UZ Investments just to mention but a few.

Further, the transporters’ list has also been blotted to accommodate more PP funders and functionaries. For instance, the 2011/12 transporters list had 27 companies while the 2012/13 has 43; almost double.

See the below list names of companies mentioned above

You may have to click on the individual pictures to expand the view,


Comments on: "Exclusive: Top govt and Peoples Party officials share the 2012/3 Fertilizer subsidy contracts" (2)

  1. Afana Okwiya said:

    Same shit just different toilets…..the problem is our constitution which makes government less accountable to people and the President is vested with almost absolute powers and week institutions and systems. This country need an overhaul of political systems, empowerment of our institutions and the constitutions. Other its all about the greedy politicians

  2. Lumbani said:

    This is very sad. I can foresee donors abandoning this program soon. No wonder Mulli was booted out.

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