Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

It’s no longer a secret; Robert Chasowa, a fourth year engineering student at the Malawi’s Polytechnic, was murdered; Commission of Inquiry into his death has established. The commission of inquiry was instituted on April 13 2012 days after Mrs Joyce Banda became president following the death of Bingu wa Mutharika

Meanwhile President Mrs. Joyce Banda has instructed the government’s Chief Secretary Bright Msaka, SC and government officials to take action based on the commission’s findings. She gave the instructions when she officially received the outcome of the inquiry from the commission’s chairperson Justice Andrew Nyirenda today.

“As a mother and indeed as a nation, I felt we needed to establish how our son in whom we had so much hope and prospects died,” said Banda adding that she was glad that the commission has diligently fulfilled its mandate on findings and recommendations.

According to the president, anyone responsible for the death of Chasowa will face the full force of the law. “We will leave nothing undone to ensure that justice is not only done but also seen to be done,” she said

The commission chairperson, Justice Nyirenda said their findings are based on testimonies of witnesses which in some instances were ‘lucid and unmistaken’. “The findings are also based on the analysis of other pieces of evidence obtained by the commission,” said Justice Nyirenda.

According to Nyirenda the inquiry was not without its own challenges; saying some key witnesses were not instantly willing to come and testify. He said the exercise was done in camera as most of witnesses were concerned with security considering the nature of inquiry.

The report is in two parts with an executive summary based on facts, findings and recommendations of the commission and second part is detailed report that contains extremely graphic and depressing photographs.


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