Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

A prominent cabinet minister in the Joyce Banda administration last week mistakenly  called me thinking that he was calling a woman, whom he had hired to get even with me, for the 2012/3 Fertilizer subsidy story.

The phone call came at exactly 14:39hrs Malawi time (or 12:39hrs GMT) on October 11 2012. Fortunately, I had my recorder handy and I have the minister’s call on record.  I will release it an appropriate time.

Without the usual phone call greetings, the minister (name withheld) went straight to the topic of the call; asking conspirator if she had beaten me.  “Mwamumenya, mtsikana uja (have you beaten the lady)?” fumed the minister who has been in the news several times for all the wrong moral reasons. I pretended to be the conspirator and went on with the flow of the honorable minister’s fury.

When I responded calmly, “no”, the infuriated public servant went on. “Ndiye kuti zikukusangalatsani zomwe akulemba eti (so you are happy with whatever she is blogging)?”

At this point, the blogger was disturbed. This was equally noted by that the minister, who also served in the same portfolio in late Bingu wa Mutharika’s first tem. He then asked if he was talking to the woman (name withheld), who happens to be one of the self-acclaimed ‘divas’ of Malawi

This was a third call from different government officials, threatening me, since I had blogged a story on how senior government and Peoples Party officials with and/or connected to briefcase companies had shared contracts to supply and/or deliver the 2012/3 fertilizer under the FISP program.


Comments on: "2012/3 fertilizer subsidy scandal: Senior Minister hired people to beat me up" (4)

  1. Akwete ligongo said:

    Keep it up rabbeca never be afraid of these thieves tithana nawo 2014.

  2. Roman said:

    Shame on that Hon Minister. I followed your couragious questioning on this fertilizer issue to the HE and it was unfortunate to note the response. That was a very useful article. Infact, I encourage you to expose owners of all the 14 companies linked to PP. You mentioned 4 only and we need to know all these others. This is tax payer’s money and the program is for the benefit of poor resource Malawians. Political influence and baises will definately affect efficiency. Do such companies awarded because of party link have capacity? Lets follow it closely.

  3. You are a very couragious woman. Keep it up! would you please follow me at

  4. hanna said:

    I am just wondering, how did you come to conclude that “mtsikana uja” in the conversation meant you?

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