Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament Edwin Banda attracted the wrath of the government side in the house when he presented a score card of how the Joyce Banda administration has performed for the last nine months.

Responding to the State of the Nation address delivered by President Mrs Joyce Banda at the opening of the first meeting in the 44th session of Parliament, the Nkhotakota member gave the JB government dismal 43 percent on fuel availability and zero to all government sectors

“Madam Deputy Speaker, to rate this administration in terms of performance,  we can rate it as follows: 43 percent on fuel availability whereby 57 is lost to the pump price; zero on drugs in public hospitals and zero in all govt sectors,” said Banda to the resounding cheers from the opposition benches.

This irked the government side where three deputy ministers stood on point of orders and dressed the member down.

Deputy Minister of Finance, Ralph Jooma, standing on point of order, described the Edwin Banda’s dressing as someone who is going for dinner and that he looked like a street beggar.  He accused the member of being high on intoxicating substance.
MP Banda did not relent. He went on to back his scores with data and facts which brought the house to a halt prompting Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chief whip, Henry Musato ask the Second Deputy Speaker Juliana Mphande to intervene and Jooma to withdrawal his unparliamentary remarks

On his part, MCP’s chief whip, Joseph Njobvuyalema, accused [govt] leader of the house for failing to discipline his members. ‘Madam Deputy Speaker, I don’t understand why the honorable leader of the house is failing to control his shallow ministers’

Deputy Minister Jooma was later forced to withdrawal his demeaning remarks on MP Banda.


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