Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Hell broke loose in the national assembly Thursday afternoon after members of parliament vehemently protested to finance minister Ken Lipenga’s proposal of withdrawing of the midyear budget he presented on 15 february.

Lipenga’s announcement sparked fire in the opposition dominated national assembly thereby rendering the second speaker of the national assembly Julian Mphande helpless. This forced the speaker to adjourn  the house amid charged opposition who quizzed govt side to justfy the withdraw of mid year bugdet.

Lipenga in his winding up speech had told the house that govt was withdrawing the mid year bugdet and proposed that he could present it at an appropriate time. This pulled suprise to opposition members who asked the minister to explain to the withdraw as it has been a tradition that after winding up debate on the bugdet presentation members could have started scrutinizing it vote by vote
Dpp spokesperson Nicolas dausi however expressed shock over govt decision describing it as unnusual. While accusing  the PP government for trying to overlook and undermine the oversight role of parliament.  MCP spokesperson Jolly Kalero plegded the opposition will do everything to stop govt from taking Malawians for granted

It is the first me in history for a budget statement to be withdrawn after being presented and debated and adopted successfully.


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