Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Leader of the house in the national assembly is said to have apologized to angry peoples party MPs
 MPs got furious after finance minister Ken Lipenga announced in the house that Joyce Banda govt has decided to withdraw a mid year budget presented in the house.

Commotion erupted in the house as government MPs showered insults at cabinet ministers accusing them of trying to lead president banda astray exactly the way they did with former presiden late  Bingu wa Mtharika.

Govt chief whip Grace Maseko was seen trying to control the situation but  all was in vain. According to one government backbencher,  government  made a mistake to come with a decision without consulting them .  Soon after the deputy speaker prematurely adjourned the house, PP MPs called for a caucus  where they traded bulbs with ministers.

Leader of the house Duncan Phoya came to Lipenga’s rescue who literally justified his infamous decision by apologizing to the MPs . However govt backbenchers have threatened to act independently from any decision that will not please them.  

On the other hand DPP MPs were on the neck of UDF and MCP  MPs accusing them of betraying them. This was an apparent reference to their change of subsequent voting yes to a vote that marked the adoption of president Banda state of address that was shot-down last week.


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