Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

The charges for the 11 arrested people including former Ministers have been changed to treason, inciting a coup and conspiracy to commit a felony. Additional charge for former Chief Secretary to the Cabinet is ‘breach of trust’. One more person has been included on the accused list. He is former legal counsel for President, Z. Allan Ntata. Here is full list of the charges;

1. Treason
2. Inciting a coup
3. Conspiracy to commit a felony
4. Msaka only, Breach of trust
5. Msaka only, neglect of duty to inform the nation about Bingu’s death
6. Disobedience of statute

7. Denying Veep to assume power when they knew Bingu had died.

8. Giving false information to the commission of Inquiry (Peter Mutharika, Jean Kalirani and Bright Msaka)

The accused have said they don’t understand count number 6.  Bail hearing will be tomorrow and the case will referred to the high court of Malawi. More to follow.


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