Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

There was drama after the DPP interim President Professor Peter
Mutharika and the ten co accused case adjourned.

The suspects and their legal team spent some time in courtroom
protesting a decision that they should be commissioned to Maula prison
while waiting to appear before the high court.

The development follows the Director of Public Prosecutions DPP change
of the charge sheet from two counts to seven.

Chief among the counts is treason which almost all the suspects have
been charged with.

Chief resident Magistrate Ruth Chinangwa adjourned the case briefly
after one of the accused asked the court to clarify the sixth count
disobedience of statutory duty.

Chinagwa has since referred the case to the high court arguing a case
that carries a death sentence such as treason can not be handled by a
subordinate court.

Drama started as the suspects were diverted to Maula prison in a high
speed police motorcade.

This did not go down well with relatives,children,spouses and DPP
supporters who responded by camping at Maula prison gate.

After an hour a senior police officer drove into the prison on police
vehicle registration number plate MP 9 to rescind the decision.

Meanwhile one of the suspects Duncan mwapatsa has been granted police bail.

However late president Bingu Mutharika’s legal adviser Allan Ntata has
been charged in absentia.

On the other hand Economic Planing Minister Goodall Gondwe and Jean
Kalilani were not available due ill health.

Gondwe collapsed in a police cell on Monday hours after his arrest at 4 am.


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