Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Malawi President Joyce Banda has filled the vacancy of the Minister of Economic Planning and Development after Goodall Gondwe resigned. She has promoted Deputy Minister of Finance, Ralph Jooma to the portfolio. The  Mangochi-Monkeybay Parliamentarian now takes over supervision and implementation of the widely marketed Economic Recovery plan. He is the third Minister to take charge of the Ministry in less than one year of Joyce Banda’s government which seems to be taking ages to get settled. The first person to man this Ministry when the People’s Party took over the reigns of the Malawi government was Atupele Muluzi, the son of former President Bakili Muluzi. He resigned after being politically castigated by fellow Ministers at a PP political rally in Mangochi. He is now the President of the United Democratic front.

The President has also hired development economist and lawmaker, Dr. Cornelius T. Mwalwanda  as Deputy Minister of Ministry of Finance under Minister Dr Ken Lipenga. The appointment may cement the Ministry which is being headed by Lipenga who has a PhD in English Literature. Dr Lipenga is  one of the less fancied Ministers of Finance in recent Malawi history. He was a staunch supporter and implementer of the Zero deficit budget in the Bingu regime. He immediately criticized the Zero deficit budget after the former President died. He is now supporting and implementing a budget totally opposite to the Zero deficit budget.


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