Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

The comments by newly appointed Minister of Economic Planning Honorable Ralph Jooma that Malawi’s Economy has ‘almost recovered’ is a mockery to Malawians who are spending nights at ADMARC depots waiting for maize. I never knew that Mr Jooma could stoop so low and say that. When it was announced that he was favored by President Joyce Banda to be Economic Minister, I had faith in him considering his performance when he was chair of budget and finance committee of Parliament.
I thought because of his position now she would tell Amayi the truth as he was doing with the DPP government when he was in the same blue camp. I remember one time his committee did not support government proposal to put VAT on offal. Telling Malawians who are paying VAT to each and every commodity, even toilet papers, is a mockery of the highest order.
Using availability of fuel and foreign exchange as indicators of economic recovery is stupid,very strange and misleading. The Forex we have in the country is not even enough to cover the international recommended 3 months import cover. It is less than 1 month. How one, more so a Minister, can brag about this meager Forex availability is mind boggling! We just borrowed 4 million USD from Botswana last week, a sign that our Forex levels are dire. The fuel available now is being purchased with loans since Joyce Banda took over last year. How that would be a sign of economic recovery beats any conventional thinking.

Even a lay-economist like me knows that economic recovery means there is more job creation,food security,high industrial productivity,improved balance of trade,currency stability among others. Should I even remind Mr Jooma that economic recovery is a threshold of economic growth and that it requires sustainable efforts from every citizen not because there are donor inflows.
If countries with big names are struggling to recover in 5 yrs what about a country that is depending on begging in and out, begging even cows and maize can it recover in a year?
Mr Jooma should stop politicizing the economy. It will be my grandmother a Nyagausi in TA chulu to judge the economy recovery. Mukamayendera ma new Toyota Prado TX ndipo fuel kutapa kutaya chosecho mukudula misonkho yathu mudziti zikuyenda bwino. Ifeyo kumalandira ma change anu a ku shoprite kumati zilibwino. Muthokoze amayi pokusambitsani.


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