Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

As President Joyce Banda is celebrating one year since she took over this country,Malawians have nothing to celebrate. To me the celebrations have no meaning when Malawians are struggling to make ends meet. With the dollar hitting to 440 against Malawi Kwacha yesterday. it clearly shows that we still have a long way to go in terms of the economic recovery. The president should feel ashamed. Mrs president even if you score high in terms of your relations internationally, I am giving you a zero in terms of economic recovery. How do I celebrate your year in power when my grand mother in Kasungu can’t afford a packet of sugar. How can I celebrate with you when my grandmother is on a cue waiting to buy 10 kg of maize as am writing. People are sleeping at ADMARC everyday, how can they join you in this celebration? People are dying in hospitals for lack of basic drugs, how can you celebrate in such an environment? These celebrations show that you don’t care about the stories of people suffering with your economic policy’s. It seems, as long as Joyce Banda and her cronies are doing well, everything is ok and it is justifiable to celebrate. That is according to you.

Am I wrong to say that you are celebrating one year of fattening your bank accounts? Mrs Joyce Banda your one of the worst women leaders I have ever encountered in this country. Its not Malawian culture to celebrate when others are suffering. It’s a taboo of the highest order. In my opinion you have goofed to celebrate a year in power instead of being there with Malawians giving them hope. Here are the rates:


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