Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Locally recruited Malawi United Nations staffs have put down their
tools over claims of abuse and failure of their head office in New York
to address their needs. They are demanding that their salaries should be pegged into
dollars as Malawi kwacha continues loosing value.
According to Hudson kumpanga a representative of the local UN
employees, his committee has been in contact with head office in
New York to consider their petition of pegging their salary to
dollars following the devaluation of the Malawi kwacha
But said the head office is not listening to the call hence the sit in.
According to Kumphanga the headquarter has failed to resolve the issue
hence the strike. UN
Following the devaluation of Malawi currency last year UN staff
members have been experiencing economic hardships,they submitted a
petition to the UN country team requesting that their salaries be
pegged to the dollar said Kumphanga.

However in an exclusive interview with UN resident coördinator who is
also the UNICEF country representative Mahimbo Mdoe said the UN
country team in Malawi received the petition and submitted it to UN
headquarters in new York to review the request.
And said the ICSC has analyzed the economic conditions for Malawi and
had provided a special measures by supplementing salaries
with a non pensionable bonus and salaries advance which the local
staff are still not satisfied with.
“Since all UN employees fall under the UN rules and regulations
established by the UN system and the international civil service
commission ICSC decision.

Senior management of the UN agencies in Malawi recognizes the
challenges that the local staffs are going through and the UN team is
ready to discuss with the national staff in order to reach a swift
He has however said the decision on changes in salary are not made at
the local level but has assures the staff that steps are being taken
to try to resolve the situation.

Threats to the sit in dates back last year in June when the local
staff had asked their head office to start pegging their salaries to a
dollar after devaluation of kwacha.


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