Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

One of the MCP Presidential contestants Rev Razarus Chakwera has withdrawn his intention to contest in the forth coming MCP convention. Chakwera’s withdraw comes barely a day after he was summoned by the party’s current President John Tembo.
Chakwera has confirmed his withdraw from the race.
His name attracted a lot of attention in the party as well as on the Malawi’s political landscape. He definitely qualifies as one of the ‘new faces’ that Malawians are looking for. Malawi public opinion seems to be against what has come to be known as ‘recycled politicians’. John Tembo, 80, is one these recycled politicians who have been in active politics for close to 50 years. It seems John Tembo is not ready to retire from politics. He has harboured ambitions of becoming Malawi President for a long time. He once vowed never to retire until he becomes Malawi President. It is not yet known whether Chakwera’s withdraw is part of Tembo’s strategy to remove competition in his bid to retain the MCP mantle of leadership. Only time will tell.


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