Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

President Dr Joyce Banda has signed the newly passed gender equity
bill which silently makes abortion accessible to Malawian women.

President Banda told a rally in the eastern region district of
mangochi that she could not wait to put a pen to paper on the
controversal law.

The announcement coincided with a highly charged press briefing which
NGO gender coordinating network-ngogcn chairperson emma kalia along
side. Council for non governmental organisation chair voice
muhone,marcel chisi lucky mbewe and emily banda addressed in lilongwe.

During the briefing the five challenged Banda to assert to the bill
regardless of the out cry from other quarters of the society.

Ironically women parliamentarians vehemently protested the inclusion
of part 6 section 19 sub section e which gives a woman powers to
decide the number of children and the time to have them

This according to the mps names withheld meat that abortion is
silently legal in Malawi.

Soon after passing the questionable bill the catholic church issued a
pastoral letter condemning the develoment.

But the big five spoke in denfense of the new law and in the process
forced Banda to sign the bill.

The law according to human rights experts is a leeway to the passing
of a same sex marriage in Malawi.


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