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MCP National Executive Committee (NEC) that met on Sunday has resolved that all people vying for the party’s leadership positions are free to take their nomination forms from designated places in all the region.
According to the source who attended the meeting that took place at the party President’s house, the NEC also agreed that people that are expected to compete at the convention are those that have served the party for 5 years.
However, the source has confided with this blogger that Presidential contestants are expected to compete with the parties president JZU,if nominated by participants at the convention.
As of yesterday’s meeting few names had expressed interest to compete at fourth coming convention. Chris Daza, Jorda Kanjere,Kakhome,Jumbe,Lyton Dzombe,Edwin Banda Richard Msowoya are the ones that have expressed interest to contest for the party’s Presidency.
The committee also learnt that Lovemore Munlo,who at first showed interest to contest as Vice President has withdrawn from the race saying he is still serving in govt pending his retirement.
However, the committee has agreed to change the venue of the convention from NRC to Bingu conference center respectively.
Among the proposed amendments to the party’s constitution at the convention is no limitation of age at presidential level, no limitation on education and that the president can stand more than 3 times if people are interested in the leadership.


Comments on: "MCP Convention-Tembo to contest again!" (2)

  1. apa ndiye amuphera ufulu munthu wa mulungu akufuna kuima nawoyutu.

  2. ha ha ha ha killing the party, feeding it to the dogs

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