Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

US military’s Africa command (AFRICOM) has pumped 2 million US dollars into a
joint Malawi Defense Force and USA exercise called EPIC GUARDIAN 13 expected to take place from May 1 to 17.
The exercise is aimed at strengthening joint crisis response structures and emergency readiness across the MDF and other government departments. Speaking at a joint press briefing by US government and Min of Defence,charge de affaires of the American embassy in Malawi Lisa Vickers said the exercise will see more than 700 military and security personnel from Malawi and the united state in a training that aims at helping Malawi defense force and other departments increase their readiness to respond to an emergency situation including during a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis.
According to Vickers Malawi and US share strong strategic interest in helping regional partner in Africa to enhance their capacity to address threats to regional peace and security. MDF colonel Elias Kapalamula said the exercise is expected to take place in LL air base,Kia, Malawi Armed Force College,Mua forest and Monkeybay.
Observers fro Zambia,Mozambique,Tanzania,South Africa and Zimbabwe are
expected to come in order to share notes on the exercise.


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