Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

With only a few days to go until the much talked MCP convention, there are indications that the convention might be cancelled due to some logistical problems that have locked the party.But some of the party members have suggested that the venue for the convention should be changed to a cheaper place in order to sort out the logistic problems. Party gurus are currently strategizing on the way forward for the convention to take place on the designated dates.
The NEC meeting that is supposed to take place tomorrow is expected to determine whether the convention will still take place this weekend. A highly placed source has confided in this blogger that during last week NEC meeting the President of the party John Tembo told members that he was ready to contribute about 5 million Kwacha from his pocket towards the preparations of the convention.
The source said Tembo also told the members that he had a donor who is willing to fund the convention with about 10 million Kwacha only if he stands. But with the coming of more people who have shown interest to compete for the Presidency things are said to have taken a new twist and that there are fears that the convention may be postponed. Currently some party supporters are lobbying party executive members who are supposed to meet tomorrow to shoot down any proposal of shifting the convention to further dates. The party supporters instead are proposing a way for holding the cheapest convention.
Meanwhile the central region based candidates that have shown interest to contest in the forth coming convention had a meeting yesterday with central regional district governors to strategize for the convention.
Among the main issues that took center stage at the meeting was asking all aspirants to come up with one name within them who should contest. They fear that a southern region candidate may win the presidency because of a split in the central region vote.
Jonh Tembo,Jodder Kanjere, Rev Dr Reverend Chakwera,Chris Daza,Makala Ngozo, Lyston Dzombe, Joseph Njobvuyalema,Felix Jumbe are among central region based aspirants who have shown interest to contest at the convention.


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