Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Defense lawyers in the perjury case involving DDP president Peter
Mutharika, Bright Msaka Sc, Dr Jean kalilani and former minister of
economic and planning Goodall Gondwe insist that there is a grave
misinterpretation and misleading by the state.
The lawyers said this when they were counter-arguing on submission by
the state on whether the perjury case should proceed at the magistrate
court or to the high court.
Defense lawyer representing the four Kalekeni Kaphale told the court
that the state has seriously misdirected the court by separating the
perjury case with other cases that were committed to the high court.
He accused the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for committing
the accused to the high court and going back to magistrate court
without taking proper procedures.
Kaphale insisted that the perjury case could not be separated from the
other counts his clients are being accused of, hence there was a need
for court to make a decision on whether the matters should be heard
at magistrate court or high court.
However, in their submissions lawyers representing government have
said that it was wrong for the defense lawyers to question DPP powers
to commence or discontinue proceedings because the procedure was
correct. Fifteenth of May is the date set aside for ruling whether the perjury case should proceed at the magistrate court or the high court based on the prosecuting and defense lawyers arguments. This means that the Peter Mutharika and others are yet to enter their plea on the perjury case. Meanwhile police at area 3 have tear gassed DPP supporters together with their leader.The incident happened when the supporters were escorting their leader to sign his bail and police were trying to disperse the crowd that was all over the police premises.


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