Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

British High Commissioner to Malawi says threats and dismissal of employees at media outlets because of politics has no place in today’s Malawi.
His remarks comes as Blantyre newspapers limited (BNL) recently raid off over 60 employees who include journalists and editors. Analysts have said there is no job security at BNL despite the company being one of the oldest media organisations.
More changes,redeployment and demotions are taking place at the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation where employees that are deemed to be supporters of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party are being moved from one office to another in the name of restructuring.
Speaking ahead of May 3 world press commemoration, the British Ambassador to Malawi Micheal Navin said there is an opportunity to change the perception of bias on political and social affairs of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.
He said too many successive governments have restricted and frustrated capable journalist,editors and producers at MBC from delivering balanced coverage and debate.
On this the British envoy said intimidation and threats are wrong and his government will not hesitate to make its views known if it suspects the malpractice.
He has therefore welcomed government engagement with Misa Malawi chapter on public broadcasting reforms and commitment aimed at upholding MBC’s independence.
Member of the interim committee of the national press club Wisdom Chimgwede said media organizations in the country are geared to provide better journalistic standard to Malawi and the world at large. He therefore said the national press club will provide support and pressure to media practitioners to uphold codes of ethics.
For the past week MISA Malawi chapter and various media organization have been conducting events marking the world press freedom. The main event to mark the commemoration is expected to take place in Blantyre on the fourth of May.
This years theme is’safe to speak:securing freedom of expression in all Media.
The theme highlights issues of safety of journalists,combating impunity for crimes against freedom of expression,and securing a free and open internet as the precondition for safety online.


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