Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

News that has just reached this blogger indicates that government may appoint the Malawi Chief Election Officer Willie Kalonga as Ambassador to one of the African countries.
According to a top government officer who has confided in this blogger, Kalonga’s appointment to head one African country embassy is because he conducted the Democratic Progressive Party convention elections that saw Arthur Peter Mutharika emerging as a winner. Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) was contracted by the DPP to run independent and credible elections at the convention. It is not the first time for MEC to conduct convention elections for a political party. MEC also conducted the elections at the ruling PP’s convention. Peter Mutharika’s win did not please the President. It was widely believed that Chimunthu Banda, the current Speaker of parliament was her preferred DPP candidate. Chimuthu Banda lost to Mutharika with a wide margin. The reason why a ruling party President would prefer a particular opposition candidate to another is an open secret.
The removal of Kalonga from MEC comes as President Dr. Joyce Banda and her people’s party are desperately looking for ways and formulas to win in the next year’s general elections. Kalonga who once served at the commission for several years is following his predecessor David Bandawe who was also sent to a diplomatic mission by the DPP government. Kalonga became a successful candidate after interviews that were conducted last year. His appointment came after President Dr. Joyce Banda instituted a new commission at MEC after previous commissioner’s terms expired.


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