Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Leader of opposition in parliament John Tembo has warned President Joyce Banda administration not to take lives of Malawians for experiments. This was in response to President Joyce Banda’s call for Malawians to brace up for more pain as the economic recovery plan (ERP) is far from bearing fruits.

Banda made the call in her state of the nation address on Friday. The MCP leader also accused Banda of living an extravagant life while preaching austerity measures to Malawians. In the 17 page response titled Malawi- despair to hope, Tembo advised the PP government to uphold the rule of law including freedom of expression. Tembo also wondered why the President avoided to say a word on the reports of rotten maize in the silos at the time when Malawians were starving.

While asking government to abandon the fertilizer subsidy program he advised to put the commodity at a universal price of five thousand Kwacha. On the same the MCP leader is demanding a report on the way the 2012/13 program was implemented.

Responding on behalf of DPP President Professor Peter Mutharika the party’s leader in parliament, George Chaponda took a swipe at PP government for failing the nation.
Chaponda accused PP government of extravagance arguing it spends 12 million Kwacha to distribute one cow.

He also concurred with Tembo in demanding an explanation on why maize got rotten in silos when Malawians were eating maize husks. Chaponda has since challenged government to put in policies that should see Malawi moving towards economic dependency and a complete departure from donor dependency.


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