Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

The appointment of a new Auditor General in Malawi remains in limbo as government unexpectedly withdrew the proposed name of Peter Kamange  to be considered by the high office.

The surprise withdraw comes against a background of reports suggesting Kamange’s name could have be rejected again by Members of Parliament.

According to Wednesday’s order paper in Parliament, the confirmation of Peter Kamange was  the first agenda item to that was to be discussed in the Chamber but to a surprise of the legislators, Leader of Government Business in the House, Henry  Duncan Phoya requested the  Speaker of the National Assembly Henry Chimunthu Banda to vary the relevant Standing Orders for the house to continue with the budget deliberations.

When he asked to clarify on why government jumped the confirmation of the new Auditor General, Phoya gave no reason but said the matter would be back in the House next week.
But according to this blogger’s sources among the Parliamentarians, it has been confirmed that  Mr Kamange’s name is very unpopular amongst the lawmakers and that the government side felt another rejection was on the way.

In Novermber last year, Members of Parliament dismissed the name of another of President Joyce Banda’s appointees to the post in Anderson Kulugomba.

According to some of the Parliamentarians, they feel that Kamange is not the right choice for the position of Auditor General as he is a practicing politician in the ruling Peoples Party (PP).

As part of the evidence confirming his political activities and loyalty to the ruling party, Kamange once served as  Secretary General for the PP.

Last year, during the PP’s Convention, Kamange also attempted the post of Treasurer General which he lost to Harry Mkandawire.
The Auditor General’s office though very critical in government finances accountability, remains without a controlling officer almost 10 months after the resignation of Leckford Kampanje.

The delay to confirm a substantive Auditor General has paralyzed activities in this paramount office as donors are withholding funding to some critical government departments and agencies

Sources from Capital Hill say that about K6.6 billion in Malawi’s budgetary support finances has been put on hold by some of Malawi’s bilateral partners until Auditor General’s vacancy is filled.


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