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Penemulungu dumps DPP in parliament

DPP Member of  Parliament Agness Penemulungu dumps DPP and opts to seat on government benches.  The member came in a lime light in 2012 when President  Muntharika died.

According to Bingu’s death report, she was the last person to see the late president at the Lilongwe state house.  Before the resumption  of deliberations   members of parliament today, Speaker of the National assembly,  Henry  Chimunthu  Banda announced the change of her seating plans in the house.
She   wrote the speaker on her decision to become an independent member of parliament and that she will start seating on government side.  During this meeting of parliament, over 4 members of parliament have dumped DPP. Others have moved to  government benches while other have moved to MCP.


Budget Passed

Parliament has today finally allowed government   to use up to 630 billion kwacha for 2013/14 financial year without amendments.  This comes after the passing of appropriation bill this afternoon.
Speaking before the bill was passed Minister of Finance pointed out that this year budget will mainly focus on the 2014 tripartite election and free input agriculture subsidy.

Last week Friday parliamentarians completed the committee of supply and scrutinizing money allocation to different ministries and departments vote by vote.

 Speaking after the endorsement of the budget,  MCP spokes person on finance Joseph Njobvuyalema  expressed concerns that the budget has passed without taking into the consideration of major things they had raised during the committee of supply.

But Minister of Finance said the passing of the appropriation bill cements everything and that it shows that members have understood how the national cake has been allocated.

Justice Msosa confirmed as new Chief Justice

Malawi Parliament has confirmed Justice Anastasia Msosa as the new Chief Justice. She got 117 votes for her confirmation. She has become the first woman Chief Justice in the history of Malawi.More details to come.

Justice Msosa appointed Chief Justice

Parliament is expected to endorse Justice Anastasia Msosa to become the Chief Justice. The confirmation will be done in a secret vote. If she is confirmed, Justice Msosa will be the first woman to become a Chief Justice in the history of country. Speaker of the national assembly announced the appointment of Justice Msosa during communication before commencement of business in the house. Justice Msosa’s appointment has come after former Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo retired before the expiry of his contract. She twice served as the Chairperson of the Malawi Electoral Commission.

New Twist to the Kuwait Labour Export

 Barely days when  the Korean government has distanced it self from importing  labour, the Kuwait government has a put conditions on ,people to be employed. It should be those that have a acquired a passport not less than a year.

Over 400 young people who are jobless have shown interest to go and work in south Korea,Dubai and Kuwait. But according to a source at ministry of labour, the government of Kuwait has written an official letter that among other conditions, it will only accept those that acquired a passport atleast a year ago.  Minister of labour Eunice Makanga confirmed to have recieved such  communication from   the Kuwait government.

Last week , the Ministry of labour had advertised in local news papers 30 names of successful young people who were expected to leave for Kuwait . But  the new developments has left young people stranded and frustrated.  The issue to export labour to other countries dates back in March when president Joyce Banda launched   a youth initiative job creation as one way to address the problem of poverty.


Kuwait Gets Tough On Malawi Government, No New Passports

Kuwait Gets Tough On Malawi, No New Passports

The State of Kuwait has officially written the Malawi Government advising it to only send citizens that have been holding the Malawi travel document for over one year, this blogger can reveal.

The news may be a blow to some youths that had qualified to be on this Malawi-Kuwait labour exchange deal.

Last week, Malawi’s Ministry of Labour announced through the media a list of 30 names that had been shortlisted to start preparations for the first lot of

Malawians to work in this Arab country in Western Asia.

According to documents that this blogger has peeped through in the Ministry of Labour, no Malawian citizen would be allowed to embark on these Kuwait trips if their passports were obtained in less than a year.

The latest development means that all youths that applied for passports in the last one year and were announced to have qualified for preparations on trips to Kuwait may now be declared ineligible.

Earlier, Malawi and Kuwait agreed to have a labour exchange deal where the 30 people announced were going to be the first lot to travel to this Middle East country whose state oil industry saw the nation’s unprecedented economic growth.

Just like Malawi, Kuwait is a former British colony and got her independence in 1961. It is situated in the northeastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula at the tip of the Persian Gulf, it shares borders with Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south.

Trigger happy cop named, IMF meeting shifted from Capital Hill

Lewis Chigadula has been named as police officer who yesterday used a rubber bullet to one of the striking officer at Capitol Hill .  Yesterday police fired teargas and rubber bullets to the striking civil servants and injured one person who was rushed to the hospital Over 100 police officers are deployed at Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile CSTU president Elijah Kamphinda has disclosed of a mass demonstration to take place tomorrow in all the regions in the country.  The mass demonstrations  will involve all civil servants in various departments. According to Kamphinda,  preparation on the marching are almost throughs as his organization has already contacted the authorities. 

He said the mass marching will start at Kamuzu Central Hospital via city center to OPC where they will finally present their petition. According to Kamphinda, if government will not respond to their petition in time then more action is going to take place.

In the morning renowned human rights activists Jesse kabwira Kapasula stormed Capitol Hill for solidarity Speaking to civil servants, Kapasula said it was their right to a peaceful demonstration and no one has the right to stop them.  She said they should continue pestering government on their demands

The strike has forced the IMF meeting that was scheduled to take place at the Ministry of Finance at Capitol Hill to be shifted to IMF offices at the city center. At the press conference by International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mission Chief for Malawi Tsidi Tsikata has faulted the Malawi government for failing to meet agreed targets on social spending, saying the targets were missed during the second quarter ending December 31 under the country’s programme with IMF.

IMF Mission Chief for Malawi Tsidi Tsikata told a press conference in Lilongwe, this morning, that although Malawi’s performance under the programme was generally satisfactory during the quarter, the government missed targets on reserve money and social spending. He said  indicative targets on reserve money and on government social spending were missed by small margins

But Malawi authorities say social protection programs have been successfully scaled up. Tsikata has however said the mission has since reached staff-level understandings with the Malawi authorities on policies for completing the second ECF review. He said consideration by the IMF’s Executive Board is scheduled for March next year, and that completion of this review will enable Malawi to receive a disbursement of about US$20 million from the IMF.

Speaker to rule on Laptops

Speaker of the national assembly Henry Chimunthu Banda is expected to rule on the use of laptops by members when parliament meeting is in process.  His ruling comes against the background that Minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara was caught using a laptop when deliberations were taking place.
Member for Kasungu West stood on a point of order asking speaker if justice minister was supposed to use the gadget.  However the speaker reminded members that they are not allowed to read books and news papers while deliberations in the house are in progress.

But the issue  also attracted a point of order from member of parliament for Lilongwe Msozi,  Vitus Mwale, who reminded the house last years ruling on the use of, book and news papers in the house. “Mr speaker sir, I remember last year you made a ruling on the matter but probably the justice minister was not in the house “said mwale.

He further started making fun of the minister that he was using the laptop because he is not among honarable members.  “Mr speaker sir, just look to all honourable members in this house. Nobody is using   a computer,” he said adding that the minister was using the computer because he is not an elected member of parliament.

Last year the speaker   made a ruling that it is unparliamentaly  to read newspapers and books while the house is meeting.  However the speaker is expected to make a ruling on the use of computer in the house.

Statement expected on “Ndata” University

Leader of the house Henry Phoya has disclosed that the  Minister of Education is expected to present in the national assembly the current status of University of Science and Technology. On two occasions the Minister of Education has failed to present a statement on the matter.

A week has passed since the parliament order paper has been carrying the item indicating that the minister was supposed to deliver a statement on the status of MUST,CHANCO and POLY.

But according to announcement by leader of the house, delay by the minister to deliver the statement was a because she is not in the country. Phoya said  once the minister comes, she is expected to present only status of MUST and not as it was appearing on the order paper.

On the Polytechnic and Chanco, Phoya said since discussions are underway the minister will not talk about  the two colleges. The opening of MUST has been one of hottest issue that is being mentioned each and everyday. The state of art university, late Bingu’s brainchild, that has been idle for two years and now needs 25 billion  kwacha for completion


Parliament’s Security Officer Appears In Court Over Assault

National Assembly Security Officer Appears In Court Over Journalist's Assault

Youngson Chilinda a security officer with the Malawi National Assembly is expected to appear in court in Malawi’s administrative capital, Lilongwe on Monday to face assault charges over the beating of journalist Thoko Chikondi.
Chikondi, an employee with Malawi’s leading daily The Nation was assaulted on Parliament premises on Thursday when the Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA) presented a petition on its consumer grievances to the representatives of the legislature.
Chilinda was arrested on Saturday afternoon after a complaint was made to Lingadzi Police on Thursday.
Media rights bodies and human rights activities have condemned the actions by Chilinda for using heavy handiness in controlling the female journalist who was in the course of duty taking pictures of the event.