Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Leader of the house Henry Phoya has disclosed that the  Minister of Education is expected to present in the national assembly the current status of University of Science and Technology. On two occasions the Minister of Education has failed to present a statement on the matter.

A week has passed since the parliament order paper has been carrying the item indicating that the minister was supposed to deliver a statement on the status of MUST,CHANCO and POLY.

But according to announcement by leader of the house, delay by the minister to deliver the statement was a because she is not in the country. Phoya said  once the minister comes, she is expected to present only status of MUST and not as it was appearing on the order paper.

On the Polytechnic and Chanco, Phoya said since discussions are underway the minister will not talk about  the two colleges. The opening of MUST has been one of hottest issue that is being mentioned each and everyday. The state of art university, late Bingu’s brainchild, that has been idle for two years and now needs 25 billion  kwacha for completion


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