Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Speaker of the national assembly Henry Chimunthu Banda is expected to rule on the use of laptops by members when parliament meeting is in process.  His ruling comes against the background that Minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara was caught using a laptop when deliberations were taking place.
Member for Kasungu West stood on a point of order asking speaker if justice minister was supposed to use the gadget.  However the speaker reminded members that they are not allowed to read books and news papers while deliberations in the house are in progress.

But the issue  also attracted a point of order from member of parliament for Lilongwe Msozi,  Vitus Mwale, who reminded the house last years ruling on the use of, book and news papers in the house. “Mr speaker sir, I remember last year you made a ruling on the matter but probably the justice minister was not in the house “said mwale.

He further started making fun of the minister that he was using the laptop because he is not among honarable members.  “Mr speaker sir, just look to all honourable members in this house. Nobody is using   a computer,” he said adding that the minister was using the computer because he is not an elected member of parliament.

Last year the speaker   made a ruling that it is unparliamentaly  to read newspapers and books while the house is meeting.  However the speaker is expected to make a ruling on the use of computer in the house.


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