Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Lewis Chigadula has been named as police officer who yesterday used a rubber bullet to one of the striking officer at Capitol Hill .  Yesterday police fired teargas and rubber bullets to the striking civil servants and injured one person who was rushed to the hospital Over 100 police officers are deployed at Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile CSTU president Elijah Kamphinda has disclosed of a mass demonstration to take place tomorrow in all the regions in the country.  The mass demonstrations  will involve all civil servants in various departments. According to Kamphinda,  preparation on the marching are almost throughs as his organization has already contacted the authorities. 

He said the mass marching will start at Kamuzu Central Hospital via city center to OPC where they will finally present their petition. According to Kamphinda, if government will not respond to their petition in time then more action is going to take place.

In the morning renowned human rights activists Jesse kabwira Kapasula stormed Capitol Hill for solidarity Speaking to civil servants, Kapasula said it was their right to a peaceful demonstration and no one has the right to stop them.  She said they should continue pestering government on their demands

The strike has forced the IMF meeting that was scheduled to take place at the Ministry of Finance at Capitol Hill to be shifted to IMF offices at the city center. At the press conference by International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mission Chief for Malawi Tsidi Tsikata has faulted the Malawi government for failing to meet agreed targets on social spending, saying the targets were missed during the second quarter ending December 31 under the country’s programme with IMF.

IMF Mission Chief for Malawi Tsidi Tsikata told a press conference in Lilongwe, this morning, that although Malawi’s performance under the programme was generally satisfactory during the quarter, the government missed targets on reserve money and social spending. He said  indicative targets on reserve money and on government social spending were missed by small margins

But Malawi authorities say social protection programs have been successfully scaled up. Tsikata has however said the mission has since reached staff-level understandings with the Malawi authorities on policies for completing the second ECF review. He said consideration by the IMF’s Executive Board is scheduled for March next year, and that completion of this review will enable Malawi to receive a disbursement of about US$20 million from the IMF.


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