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Kuwait Gets Tough On Malawi, No New Passports

The State of Kuwait has officially written the Malawi Government advising it to only send citizens that have been holding the Malawi travel document for over one year, this blogger can reveal.

The news may be a blow to some youths that had qualified to be on this Malawi-Kuwait labour exchange deal.

Last week, Malawi’s Ministry of Labour announced through the media a list of 30 names that had been shortlisted to start preparations for the first lot of

Malawians to work in this Arab country in Western Asia.

According to documents that this blogger has peeped through in the Ministry of Labour, no Malawian citizen would be allowed to embark on these Kuwait trips if their passports were obtained in less than a year.

The latest development means that all youths that applied for passports in the last one year and were announced to have qualified for preparations on trips to Kuwait may now be declared ineligible.

Earlier, Malawi and Kuwait agreed to have a labour exchange deal where the 30 people announced were going to be the first lot to travel to this Middle East country whose state oil industry saw the nation’s unprecedented economic growth.

Just like Malawi, Kuwait is a former British colony and got her independence in 1961. It is situated in the northeastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula at the tip of the Persian Gulf, it shares borders with Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south.


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