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The Malawi Government has put a ban on the sale of all open food stuffs in the areas surrounding the northern region border post of Songwe. This as a result of suspected cholera outbreaks in the area.

The Songwe border marks the boundary between this southern African country and its eastern neighbor, Tanzania.

The ban has also been effected in the areas surrounding Karonga town which is not far from the Songwe border.

Recently, there have been reports of cholera outbreaks on the other side of the border in Kyera. Kyera is a popular district in Tanzania where a lot of Malawians cross the border daily to do their shopping and trade. A lot Zambians also flock into the town.

According to latest reports, at least three Tanzanian nationals resident in Kyera have died from the outbreak and 21 others are receiving treatment in hospital. Those under treatment have been put in isolation to avoid passing on the disease to others.

According to Ministry Health publicist Henry Chimbali who confirmed the ban as a result of the outbreak, saying Malawi has put in place measures to avoid the disease from spreading across the border into the country.

 “Health workers at the border post have increased surveillance for any diarrhea signs in the area,” said Chimbali.

He said government is doing everything possible to
prevent the outbreak as it may also be caused from mare visits into the area.

Malawi has not registered any cholera cases since November 2012.


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