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Britain, USA Advice To Malawians Ahead of Polls

Two prominent envoys in Malawi, British High Commissioner and United States of America (USA) ambassador have expressed worry over inflammatory and derogatory public remarks by individuals and political party leaders in the country.

The concerns by two of Malawi’s main bilateral donors, comes amidst concerns in the media following political rhetoric remarks that may have described as derogatory and inflammatory.

In a joint statement issued in the administrative capital, Lilongwe on Tuesday, British envoy Michael Nevin and USA Ambassador Jeanine Jackson have condemned both government and political parties in the country for using inflammatory that may easily lead to hatred and misunderstandings amongst the people of Malawi as the country approaches the 2014 tripartite elections.

The two world super powers have advised political parties, supporters and potential candidates to exercise restrain as the country draws closer to the elections.

Britain and USA have also advised political players to refrain from insults and instead focus on real issues that affect Malawians in order to convince voters ahead of the polls.

During the opening of the conflict management training for political party leaders last month Malawi’s electoral management body, the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson, Justice Maxon Mbendera (in the picture above) appealed to political parties to engage in clean and civilized politics where competition is based on policies and manifestos.

The MEC boss also warned against negative rhetoric during campaign which he said could degenerate into violence if not properly managed.

Justice Maxon Mandera also emphasized the need for political parties to refrain from acts of violence that could easily bring about tension and affect the whole free and fair process for any elections.

Malawians go to polls next year to elect a President, Parliament and a local government.


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