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‘I have nothing to do with the West’-Mugabe

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe says he has nothing to do with the west. Speaking on his arrival for the 33rd SADC heads of state and government summit president Mugabe said the west would want to think and make decisions for Africans. Mugabe who has just won the recent elections that was declared free and fair by most African observers said he will also go for Africans decisions and not from the west. The west want to think for us and make decisions and even direct us on the way to go. According to Mugabe the decisions that the west make are of their own interest. In this particular case it is Robert Mugabe they don’t like, but Robert Mugabe happens to be a Zimbabwean, an African and also a friend of Malawi. Mugabe said that he has nothing to do with the British and Americans because we make our decisions as African people. Mugabe who was wearing a dark blue suit and his usual sun glass looked composed when he was being asked questions from journalists. South African president Jacob Zuma on his arrival said as South African government was appointed as an overseer to monitor elections in Zimbabwe he thinks the elections were free and fair and the monitoring team is ready to present the report to the meeting.


Chakwera to hold first rally as MCP President

The newly elected MCP President, Dr Lazurus Chakwera is expected to hold his first rally in Kasungu this weeked. He is expected to outline his vision for MCP and Malawi. The MCP presidential candidate is expected to unvail the newly excutive commettee members among other things. Leader of opposition JZU Tembo is also expected to attend the rally.

MCP convention turns into a church!

It’s all praise and worship at the MCP convention as the majority of the delegates are now singing praise and worship songs in response to JZU Tembo’s outster. The singers are likely supporters of Dr Chakwera who seems set to win the Presidency. Reverend Dr Chakwera was the President of the Assemblies of God Church in Malawi for a long time. One woman has just complained that the convention has been turned into a church. More to come.

MCP Convention: Chakwera set to be voted MCP Presidential candiate

Delegates at the MCP convetion have just voted JZU Tembo out of the Presidential contest. With Tembo out, All signs point to a win by Dr Lazarus Chakwera. More to come.

Tembo Tells Convention Those Tired Should Follow Him


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President John Zenasi Ungapake Tembo (JZU) has told fellow senior party officials who are tired of running MCP to follow him.

Tembo was speking Saturday in Lilongwe when he officially opened the MCP national convention.

Whilst not disclosing that he is retiring, Tembo hinted that “Those of you tired of running the party, you may retire alongside me.”

This was the first hint ever by the veteran politician that he is now ready to pave way for a new leader in Malawi’s oldest political party.

The convention is later expected to choose a party leader who is also going to be the party’s Presidential candidate in the 2014 tripartite elections.

Amongst those attending the convention include DPP spokesperson Nicholus Dausi, PP acting secretary general Paul Maulidi, British and Chinese envoys to Malawi and former Official Hostess Mama Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamira.

Injunction Threat For MCP Convention, JZU Names 10

The national party convention of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) currently being held in the administrative capital, Lilongwe, is being faced with a legal challenge.

A group of some alleged MCP supporters have threatened to seek a court injunction allegedly after being denied acceses to attend the convention.

 As we went to press, the supporters were working with their lawyers trying to stop the convention until they are allowed to participate. 

Meanwhile, MCP President John Tembo Saturday morning officially opened the party gathering that is expected to choose the MCP flag bearer in the 2014 tripartite elections.

Interestingly, when Tembo announced to delegates names of competitors for the top job of party President, he did not mention his name and that of lawyer, Edwin Banda.

Only 10 names were announced by Tembo from the original 12 names that had shown interest to run for the top job at the convention. 


Malawi congress party-MCP president John Tembo insists the party’s delegates to the convention have the powers to say who should contest for the presidency or not.

Tembo resisted tempting question from the media to come out on the open and tell Malawians the eligible presidential candidates.

Journalists from various media houses took advantage of a press briefing Tembo held and his area 10 residence to quiz him on a number of developments in the party pertaining to the convention.

The longest serving member of parliament carefully ran away from the retakes,follow up and paraphrase questions from members of the press by using a bewitching smile.

He however at some point conceded that the situation was tricky argue he plus the other two party officials at the briefing namely mcp secretary general chriss daza and Joseph njobvuyalema as being all interested in the position.

Now and again Tembo who was in a jovial mood appealed to mcp members to remain united peaceful and calm through out the convention.

On the other hand Tembo warned the party will not tolerate those poised to mess up things at the convention.

While saying all is set for the indaba Tembo said some delegates from the south would arrive a bit late because they were large enough for a single bus.

He said mcp has hired axa buses.

Tembo aslo dismissed reports that the convention is party sponsored by president joyce banda and former president bakili muluzi.

At some point Tembo said to has been forced to contest by the national executive committee.

Apparently he sounded out of the race.

If he dares to contest he might be heading towards his embarrassing end to his half century political career.

Obviously by not disclosing the names contesting the for the hot seat Tembo has escaped from protracted legal battles that could have arise due to injunctions by those barred from contesting

MCP set for a weekend convention

MCP president John Tembo says his party is expected release details of candidates that are to contest at the forthcoming convention slatted for this weekend.

In a press statement the MCP president, says the convention dates remain unchanged but candidates to contest at the convection will be released tomorrow at a press briefing to be held at his house in Area 10, Lilongwe.

According to John Tembo delegates to the convention should start preparing for travel arrangements
The party has hired buses that will ferry all delegates from Blantyre, Zomba and Mzuzu  as convergence points. Delegates from Likoma are expecte4d to arrive earlier because of logistical issues. According to Tembo any delegate that will not be on the hired busses will not allowed to be participate in the convention as one way of curbing fake delegates.

Entry into the convention venue at NRC will be strict as the party has put measures to all the points’ around the venue.

Government Fires Traffic Director, Brings Back Former Boss

The government of President Joyce Banda has removed from his post Jack Manong’a as the country’s Director of Road Traffic Department, this blogger can reveal. He has since been replaced by the previous director, James Chirwa.

Manong’a served in the post just over two years after the previous boss, James Chirwa was re-deployed  to Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development headquarters.

My impeccable sources have disclosed both Manong’a and his deputy a Mr Maliko were told to report in their new respective places of work on Thursday, 1st August, 2013.

Manong’a has been moved to the Office of President and Cabinet whilst his deputy has been sent to the Ministry of Youth.

Since taking over power accidently in April, 2012 following the sudden death of late President Bingu Wa Mutharika, President Joyce Banda has launched a vengeance war against all supposedly Mutharika loyalists and a lot of people seen to have been closer to the deceased President.

She has since been replacing them with her own cronies and loyalists.

Jack Manong’a has risen through the ranks of the Road Traffic Directorate. Many staff at the directorate have described him as a very professional man who had a vision to take the department to greater heights.

Meanwhile, sources say that Chirwa who was also removed from the position unceremoniously has removed back at the Directorate as boss on Thursday, the 1st of August, 2013.


Malawi Presidential Jet Sold, Flown Out Of Country At Dawn

Presidentail Jet Sold, Flown Out of Malawi At Dawn

Malawi President Joyce Banda has finally fulfilled one of her main dreams to sell the Presidential jet, this blogger can reveal.

Impeccable sources at the government power hub, Capital Hill confirmed to this blogger that the multi-million dollar jet is now officially sold and has since been flown out of Malawi.

Sources say the plane, was flown out of the country on Monday at about 05:00hrs. It is not known why exactly had to be jet had to be flown to the new owners in those early hours of the day.

Officials disclosed to this blogger that two South African based pilots and some Malawi Government officials were on board the plane when it left Chileka International Airport in the commercial city, Blantyre.
This blogger has been unable to establish who exactly purchased the plane after Government of Malawi called for bids, a few months ago.

Initial announcements from Capital Hill indicated none of the three bidders impressed the seller.
However, it was learnt a few weeks later that Malawi offered the plane to the British Virgin Islands based company, Bohnox Enterprise Limited. The company offered to take the jet at US$15 million which was way below the purchase price of the jet.

Government defended its decision to offer the jet at such a low price. Malawi then went into waiting mode after Bohnox Enterprise Limited delayed in responding to the offer.

When she took over power after the death of late President Bingu Wa Mutharika in April, 2012, President Joyce Banda expressed her three main wishes and desire to sell the presidential jet purchased by her late predecessor, sell and dispose-off all Ministerial Mercedenz Benz and reduce her long winding presidential motorcade.

Following the sale, one of the three main wishes of President Joyce Banda has now been fulfilled. It is not clear how far the President has gone in fulfilling her other two wishes on the disposal of the fuel guzzling ministerial vehicles and reducing her convoy.

Although she announced the motorcade was reduced a few months ago, people claim they still see her long winding convoy still in existence like big national park snakes.