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Presidentail Jet Sold, Flown Out of Malawi At Dawn

Malawi President Joyce Banda has finally fulfilled one of her main dreams to sell the Presidential jet, this blogger can reveal.

Impeccable sources at the government power hub, Capital Hill confirmed to this blogger that the multi-million dollar jet is now officially sold and has since been flown out of Malawi.

Sources say the plane, was flown out of the country on Monday at about 05:00hrs. It is not known why exactly had to be jet had to be flown to the new owners in those early hours of the day.

Officials disclosed to this blogger that two South African based pilots and some Malawi Government officials were on board the plane when it left Chileka International Airport in the commercial city, Blantyre.
This blogger has been unable to establish who exactly purchased the plane after Government of Malawi called for bids, a few months ago.

Initial announcements from Capital Hill indicated none of the three bidders impressed the seller.
However, it was learnt a few weeks later that Malawi offered the plane to the British Virgin Islands based company, Bohnox Enterprise Limited. The company offered to take the jet at US$15 million which was way below the purchase price of the jet.

Government defended its decision to offer the jet at such a low price. Malawi then went into waiting mode after Bohnox Enterprise Limited delayed in responding to the offer.

When she took over power after the death of late President Bingu Wa Mutharika in April, 2012, President Joyce Banda expressed her three main wishes and desire to sell the presidential jet purchased by her late predecessor, sell and dispose-off all Ministerial Mercedenz Benz and reduce her long winding presidential motorcade.

Following the sale, one of the three main wishes of President Joyce Banda has now been fulfilled. It is not clear how far the President has gone in fulfilling her other two wishes on the disposal of the fuel guzzling ministerial vehicles and reducing her convoy.

Although she announced the motorcade was reduced a few months ago, people claim they still see her long winding convoy still in existence like big national park snakes.


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