Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Malawi congress party-MCP president John Tembo insists the party’s delegates to the convention have the powers to say who should contest for the presidency or not.

Tembo resisted tempting question from the media to come out on the open and tell Malawians the eligible presidential candidates.

Journalists from various media houses took advantage of a press briefing Tembo held and his area 10 residence to quiz him on a number of developments in the party pertaining to the convention.

The longest serving member of parliament carefully ran away from the retakes,follow up and paraphrase questions from members of the press by using a bewitching smile.

He however at some point conceded that the situation was tricky argue he plus the other two party officials at the briefing namely mcp secretary general chriss daza and Joseph njobvuyalema as being all interested in the position.

Now and again Tembo who was in a jovial mood appealed to mcp members to remain united peaceful and calm through out the convention.

On the other hand Tembo warned the party will not tolerate those poised to mess up things at the convention.

While saying all is set for the indaba Tembo said some delegates from the south would arrive a bit late because they were large enough for a single bus.

He said mcp has hired axa buses.

Tembo aslo dismissed reports that the convention is party sponsored by president joyce banda and former president bakili muluzi.

At some point Tembo said to has been forced to contest by the national executive committee.

Apparently he sounded out of the race.

If he dares to contest he might be heading towards his embarrassing end to his half century political career.

Obviously by not disclosing the names contesting the for the hot seat Tembo has escaped from protracted legal battles that could have arise due to injunctions by those barred from contesting



  1. samuel said:

    Keep us updated pliz, De future of Malawi politics will be determined by the outcome of this convention bn main opposition!

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