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Donors speak on Mphwiyo’s shooting

As the mystery surrounding the shooting of Budget Director Paul Mphyiyo continues, the donor community has called on the Malawi government to expedite investigation on the matter.
In a statement the donors have expressed sadness with the development saying it has dented the country’s reputation in the eyes of the international community.
According to the donors investigations should leave no stone un turned and that investigating authorities should act without fear, intimidation and any hindrance. The donors have however said that if Malawi government require international assistance they are ready to do so
The donors who include Britain, USA, Germany Norway and the European Union just to mention but a few have spoken for the first time since the incident happened two weeks ago.
The shooting of the Budget Director has stirred controversy in the country with the social media flooded with speculation as to who could have masterminded the move.
Mr. Mphwiyo was shot at his high-class residence in Lilongwe’s area 43. Currently reports indicate that his health remain critical but stable,at mill-park hospital in south Africa


Some of the returneesSome of the returneesvice president after touring the Mzuzu Taifa marketbussiness back to normal at Taifa market in Mzuzu city

vicepresident khumbo kachale is expected to adress vendors @taifa market

vendors waiting to be addressed by the vice presidentshops at famous taifa market in mzuzu

Mphwiyo Suspects Get 30 Day Remand, MK2.5m cash found

The Lilongwe Magistrate Court on Thursday morning remanded for the next one month, two murder suspects; Macdold Kumwembe,38 and Robert Kadzuwa, 33 until investigations are concluded.
The are expected to be charged with the attempted murder which is contrary to Section 223 of the Malawi Penal Code. They are accused of shooting the Budget Director in the Ministry of Finance Paul Mphwiyo Friday night.
Presenting his case before Senior Resident Magestrate Patrick Chirwa, Director of Prosecution Bruno Kalemba informed the court that he brought the suspects to court to have the formally charged and seek a 30-day remand for the suspects as investigations on the case are was underway.
The government Chief Prosecutor also informed the court that the case and the charges of the suspects could change as the victim, Paul Mphwiyo was still in critical but stable condition in hospital.
Defence lawyer representing the two, Sikwese of Sikwese & Company also appealed to the court not to put the suspects on full remand.
However but Senior Magistrate Patrick Chirwa ruled in favour of the state therefore the suspects were remanded for 30 days.
Meanwhile, some reports indicate that the third person who was arrested alongside the accused is the one who tipped the Police before the incident took place.
According to investigations by this blogger, the man was not satisfied with the money that he was given for the mission hence tipping Police officers of the plot.
According to sources, when the suspects were being arrested at Bvumbwe in Thyolo district, they were in possession of MK2.5 million that was set for sharing.


Malawians Demand Answers From President Banda’s Government

Malawians Demand Answers From President Banda

Up to date there is a mist surrounding the attempted murder of Paul Mphwiyo Budget Director in Ministry of Finance, until now no one knows what exactly happened that fateful Friday night in the suburb of area 43 in the capital Lilongwe.

Honestly, the 14 million plus Malawians including the family relatives and friends of the Mphwiyo are anxiously waiting to hear the exact thing that led the most talked about attempted murder since President Joyce Banda took over the reins of power.

What we are eagerly waiting to hear from the police is their findings that led to the incident.

Mr. Inspector General (IG), Madam President what are your findings after your interrogation to a close relative who is allegedly the principal witness in the incidents that happened before Mpwhiyo was shot.

What happened at Africana drinking joint where the victim met his suspected assailants?

That there was sort of a discussion we know but Malawians would like to know what really transpired and furthermore what really prompted Mphwiyo to leave the place prematurely while the suspects trailed the budget director all the way to his home.

Are you findings not going to clear the air since we are made to believe that the murder target is a well to do Civil Servant as other people are insinuating.

Are you saying that when close relative to Mr. Mphwiyo who witnessed the whole incident did not run for his life and park his car at area 18 police, That Friday night after being chased by the suspects?

People would like to know about this.

Mr. IG sir, stop confusing Malawians, it is their right to know each and every step of the whole incident that led to the attempted murder because they are different pictures that are being painted as a result of this veil of secrecy.

Malawians would like to know if suspected murders are Malawians or South Africans as rumors are saying.

Bwana IG Bwana, are they not from Ndirande the capital of our commercial city of Blantyre.

What about investigations by the police after searching Mr. Mphwiyo’s house, is it true that the house is a palace where CCTV cameras are everywhere, if it is so what are your findings, if you managed to capture what was recorded CCTV.

Is it indeed true that your investigations shows that you have found more that 10 stolen cars at this palace what are you doing about that Mr. IG.

To our beloved Head of State President Dr. Joyce Banda should we indeed conclude that you are failing to make a decision over the matter because the main suspects could be one Minister in your cabinet, top Peoples’ Party (PP) official and your own right hand man.

Dr Joyce Banda tiuzeni zoona munaziyamba nokha kunena ku Mangochi kuja.

Madam President Madam monga nkhaniyi sinafikepo kuti mukhazikitse commission of inquiry yanu ija yokonda kukhazikitsa zimenezi, instead of telling the nation that you know the shooters anzanu akuthandizeni bwa.

Madam President if it is proving too big for you as a mother just tell it to your Vice President and he will do us Malawians justice, he will tell us, may be through a quick short media briefing.

What could be the connection with this we are hearing that the whole issue is related to the K120 million that armed robbers got from Mr. Sithole who was until the incident working at Accountant General especially at Reconciliation Section?

What is your government doing on Mr. Namate who has been recently fired at Ministry of Finance but still had ways and means of siphoning taxpayer’s money?

All Malawians want is the truth about their taxes that your government is losing through shady deals.

Madam President is it true Mr. Mphwiyo had to come and beg for the position of budget director, and he indeed convinced you that he was to make sure to assist your party?

This whole issue is confusing. We demand answers, you cannot hold Malawians at ransom.

Implement section 65 now says state Human rights body

The Malawi human rights has urged the Speaker of the national assembly
Henry Chimunthu Banda and relevant authorities to enforce section 65
in order to uphold the sanctity of the Constitution, and instill the
spirit of political pluralism in the country.
This is according to the report released by the Malawi Human Rights
Commission (MHRC), a state body responsible for human rights
in Malawi for the period June to December 2012.
The Commission has blamed the speaker of the national assembly and office
of the Attorney General lawyers for contributing to the delay on the implementation of section 65, a law that prevents members of parliament whose parties are represented in parliament from crossing the floor.
The report has concluded that‘the roles played by different
stakeholders such as the office of the Attorney General, the lawyers
for various applicants for injunctions and the courts have
delayed to end the cases’
The report has further observed that the remedy of an injunction by
parties is ordinarily temporary except where the court grants an order
of permanent injunction.
However the commission has expressed concerns in the implementation
section 65 that it takes several months or years thereby standing
in the way of respect for constitutionalism in Malawi.
The Commission has however urged the Speaker and relevant authorities
to enforce section 65 in order to uphold the sanctity of the
Constitution, and instill the spirit of political pluralism.
The Commission has also emphasized that the main objective of section
65 of the Constitution is to preserve and maintain political pluralism
in a multi-party democracy, and ensure that members of the National
Assembly retain the status they professed at the time of elections
throughout their tenure in the National Assembly.
The Commission therefore called on relevant authorities and parties
involved in constitutional cases like the implementation of section 65
of the Constitution to deal with such cases expeditiously within the
spirit of the Court (High Court) (Procedure on the Interpretation or
Application of the Constitution) Rules, considering the significance
and the wider implication of such cases on constitutionalism in


Report by the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has
suggested that Government should encourage unhindered debate on the
issues on the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT’S) in order to allow the citizenry to make an informed decision on the issues.
The report covers an assessment of the status of human rights in
Malawi for the period June to December 2012.
This is the first report to be released by the commission since the
appointments of new commissioners by the state president.
However, in her first state of the nation address to parliament
president Joyce Banda said: “Some laws which were duly passed by the
August house were to be repealed as a matter of urgency these include
the provisions on indecent practices and unnatural acts where
LGBT’S is fall.
But the report has suggested that more avenues should be created to
discuss the issues.
The report says there should be an in-depth research and analysis of
the situation in order to meet this.
The Commission has however observed that section 20 of the
Constitution prohibits any form of discrimination of any person in any
The section also guarantees the right to equal protection against any
form of discrimination on grounds of race, colour, sex, language,
religion, political or other opinion, nationality, ethnic or social
origin, disability, property, birth or other status.
But according to section 153 of the penal code,
homosexual acts constitute aspects of criminal offences that
prohibits any person to “have carnal knowledge of any person against
the order of nature; or to have carnal knowledge of an animal; or to
permit a male person to have carnal knowledge of him or her against
the order of nature”.
The offence attracts a prison sentence of fourteen years, with or
without corporal punishment.
The report therefore says that the two provisions raise a prima facie
situation of the discrimination of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and
transgenders on the grounds of their sexual orientation.
Hence the provisions of the Penal Code are in direct conflict with the
non-discrimination principle in the Constitution.