Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

As the mystery surrounding the shooting of Budget Director Paul Mphyiyo continues, the donor community has called on the Malawi government to expedite investigation on the matter.
In a statement the donors have expressed sadness with the development saying it has dented the country’s reputation in the eyes of the international community.
According to the donors investigations should leave no stone un turned and that investigating authorities should act without fear, intimidation and any hindrance. The donors have however said that if Malawi government require international assistance they are ready to do so
The donors who include Britain, USA, Germany Norway and the European Union just to mention but a few have spoken for the first time since the incident happened two weeks ago.
The shooting of the Budget Director has stirred controversy in the country with the social media flooded with speculation as to who could have masterminded the move.
Mr. Mphwiyo was shot at his high-class residence in Lilongwe’s area 43. Currently reports indicate that his health remain critical but stable,at mill-park hospital in south Africa


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