Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Over 800 hundred people have been arrested in Malawi’s administrative capital, Lilongwe in a joint operation between the Malawi Defence Forces and the Malawi Police Service.

Deputy Police Public Relations Officer for the Center, Kingsily Dandaula has confirmed the operations and the arrests. He disclosed those arrested are being kept in various police cells around the capital.

According to Dandaula the operation which started Thursday night is aimed at cleansing the city off criminals, stolen items and illegal immigrants.

When he was asked if the operation was related to the plundering and looting of millions of taxpayers’ money at the government hub, Capital Hill, Dandaula said the operation is a normal routine Police and Army exercises. He said this has nothing to do with the events happening at the government heartbeat.

During the operation, items like computers hardware and monitors, car spare parts were seized by members of the security agencies.

As early as 10:00am, Friday,  members of Malawi Defence Force from the 24 brigade and Police Mobile Force officers invaded the Lilongwe  main market and flea market forcing every individual present to sit down during the operation. 


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