Namisa Blogger of the year 2013,Stimulating the much needed debate

Chief secretary to government  Hawa ndilowe says the recent arrests of civil servants from the account general offices’ including various ministries in connection to the plundering and looting of millions of kwachas is not a crisis but a breakthrough The chief secretary told journalist in Lilongwe during a press briefing held at her Capitol Hill office This is the first time government has come in the open since rooting and fraud stories merged in the civil service. The briefing also has come as donor community, opposition parties and civil society groups have also condemned malpractice describing it as a failure by current administration to control its own machinery

According to Ndilowe all the arrests by top government officials and account assistants have not come from the blues and have not come out of magic but they are a result of political will by current administration as well as her leadership in the civil service. She said currently government has shut down integrated financial system management system IFMS to allowe experts to work on it and stop the breeding of steeling She disclosed those governments will soon engage independent auditors and experts for forensic auditing On this Ndilowe was quick to point out that the forensic audit will date back to 2005 when the system was introduced.

 She cited an example of 400 million that was embezzled in 2010 and 2011 which up to know the whereabouts of the money is still a mystery The chief secretary has since send a warning to all civil servants that whosoever has been involved and in the rooting will not be spared but brought to book When she was asked on how she is feeling to head a civil service whose image is damaged ndilowe said she believes god had a reason to allow her to be in the position in order to root out corruption in the civil service and she is not ready to resgned as per call to some other quarters However the chief secretary refused to comment, on the shooting of the budget director Paul phwiyo saying the issue was still under investigations and she was not ready to respond



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