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As Malawi Media exposed the Billion of Kwachas going down the drain, most donors including the British got interested to know the root of this corruption.

The British, according to senior government officials launched their independent investigations to find out the whereabouts of Manondo.

“The British as one of Malawi’s main donors wanted to learn from Manondo how corruption was taking place in government. And from the look of things they thought Manondo could help them with vital information as to how corruption takes place in Malawi”, a senior government official said.

He said the British using their intelligence knew the whereabouts of Manondo and  got in touch with him.

The sources said the British and Manondo started interacting up to the extent that the British high commission in Malawi reportedly convinced Manondo to surrender himself at British High Commission in Nairobi Kenya.

“The Malawi British High Commission promised to protect Manondo from any harm and convinced him to surrender to Malawi authorities. At this time Manondo was also able to talk to some senior government officials in Malawi” expalained our sources.

Manondo was reportedly housed  by the British High Commission in Nairobi for three days as arrangements for repatriation were under way.

” He was then driven by road all the way from Nairobi Kenya through Tanzania up to Songwe border with the help of British High Commission. At Songwe border Manondo was advised to surrender” revealed our sources.

However before he surrendered our sources claimed Manondo spoke with some senior government officials seeking for protection.

“Manondo personally called (name withheld) seeking for maximum protection. He said he feared he would be killed if some people heard he was in the country. That is why he was given maximum protection”

“And government is deliberately keeping Manondo away from other suspects because he told government he needs maximum security. So just know that government is doing a lot to find the root of corruption in government” said the sources.

This blog managed to speak to government senior officials who were mentioned in the story. They both collaborated the story but did not want to be mentioned because the investigations are still continuing.

However we unable to talk to British High Commission to Malawi.

Manondo is a Prime suspect in the shooting of Mphwiyo and is currently being kept at Matchaya Prison in Kasungu.

Mphwiyo, the former budget director has arrived in the country on Thursday afternoon through Kamuzu International Airport automatically changing the direction of the shooting case.

“As government, we are excited that Mphwiyo is back in the country because he is a Prime Witness in his shooting” said a government official.



Manondo never went to China

Soon after former budget director Paul Mphwiyo was shot, Pika Manondo, a prime suspect in the shooting of Mphwiyo left this country for unknown destination.

Speculation and rumours in the country suggested Manondo left for South Africa en route China on a business trip. But that was not the truth at all.

The investigation this blog has been conducting revealed that Manondo neither reached South Africa nor China.

The investigation revealed Manondo left Malawi for Lusaka, Zambia by road through Mwami border. He stayed in Lusaka for four days before flew to Nairobi Kenya.

In Nairobi, Pika stayed for only three days before he left Kenya for Tanzania Dar Salaam by road. He continued changing locations between Nairobi, Lusaka and Dar es Salaam.

As he was doing this, government here intensified the investigation on the shooting of Paul Mphwiyo. Manondo as a Prime Suspect was thus listed on the Interpol wanted list by Malawi government.

Paul Mphwiyo expected this afternoon on South African Airways


The Catholic Church has taken the government to task over the current political and socio- economic injustices that have resulted in delays of donor funding.

The church has since urged Malawians to exercise what it described as ‘Holy Anger’ through demonstrations and demands for accountability from the country’s leadership.

Speaking to Journalists in Lilongwe, Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice’s National Secretary Chris Chisoni said enough is enough for the man-made suffering Malawians are going through as a result of massive theft at Capitol Hill, which has seen donors withholding over 150 million United States Dollars in budgetary support.


He says this freeze to budgetary support, will compromise quality of essential public services and impact negatively on poor Malawians. Chisoni says it is now high time for Malawians to wake up and amplify calls made by other stakeholders calling for a responsive government which has people’s interests at heart.


He has since described the current looting as an indication of lack of patriotism and moral decay by those in authority. Chisoni has also demanded for speedy prosecution of all those involved in the looting and recovery of the cash involved.


Meanwhile CCJP has demanded a comprehensive report from government on the reported purchase of maize from the proceeds of the sell of the Presidential jet. CCJP says people in the country continue facing hunger despite government claiming that it used Jet money to purchase the  staple food.




The Visiting team of International Monetary Fund experts (IMF) has advised Malawi government to postpone all domestic financed development projects in line with discretionary spending in the national budget.


This comes barely two weeks after most donor partners under CABS announced the delay of 150 million dollars in direct support to the country’s national budget.


The team has since described the cash gate scam as pure theft, unfortunate, damaging and a disgrace to the country’s reputation.


The two weeklong visit which was aimed at finding long lasting solutions to the country’s economic woes ends today.


 Speaking to journalists at the conclusion of its mission in Lilongwe, Team leader Tsidi Tsekata says the scandal has also put Malawi as a country at an awkward position as donors have put on hold direct budgetary support.

Tsekata however says his team will continue engaging with the government of Malawi in the coming weeks on few remaining outstanding issues related to budgetary support.

He further says it is also the IMF Team’s hope to see that aid resumes in the country soon.


It is expected that the Team will make recommendations to id that is also expected to make recommendations to the IMF board on the completion of the third and fourth review under the under the extended credit facility (ECF).


The recommendations are said to be of utmost importance as they will enable Malawi to qualify for a disbursement of 20millio US dollars from the International Monetary Fund.


Minister of Finance Maxwell Mkwezalamba has since assured IMF on government’s commitment to cut travel budget among other lower priorities expenditure items.



Out spoken Congoma boss Voice Mhone says he is taking government to court for character assassination.

This comes against the background of the ministry of information press statement that has claimed that the CONGOMA Boss was involved in one of the country’s first ever frauds at the Ministry of Agriculture. It is alleged in a press statement that Mhone, through his company VOMA Investments solicited money from government coffers for services not delivered.

The statement also says Mhone through a syndicate saw to it that vouchers and Cheques were authorized and payments drawn from banks and approved for stationery supplied to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of research when in fact the goods were not supplied

The statement comes at a time when some civil society organisations are soliciting signatures in order to force president Joyce Banda to step down, suggesting that there should be an interim government until elections that are due in six months time.

The calls come after the cash gate scandal which has directly implicated President Joyce Banda as the mastermind of a looting syndicate.

Some civil society have also have publicly said that they have no confidence in the PP government.  Malawi is facing a lot of economic challenges due to recent looting and fraud at Capitol Hill.

In an interview, the Congoma boss said the statement released by the Ministry of Informationm was Character Assassination and has been doctored by newly appointed Director of Information Chikumbutso Mtumodzi.

TREASON CASE:Judge Ivy Kamanga rescues herself to prised over the case


The Lilongwe High Court Judge Ivy Kamanga has adjourned to Wednesday November 20 to hear whether the legal team representing the accused persons Democratic Progressive Party-DPP President Professor Peter Mutharika and eight other former top government officials and cabinet ministers have confidence with her to preside over the  case

This follows Kamanga’s appeal to the lawyers to excuse her for presiding over the case.

The Judge made the appeal soon after Mutharika and the co-accused took pleaded not guilty to the treason case.

Mutharika and the rest of the co-accused are answering to almost six counts ranging from treason to giving false information to a person employed in a public office.

Earlier in the day the court adjourned for thirty minutes as the defence team led by prominent lawyer Kalekeni Kamphale argued in the jam-packed court room that his side was served with a dummy charge sheet.

From the thirty minute break the court Kamanga proceeded straight in reading out the charges to the nine accused.

All the nine which include Mutharika, former Finance minister Minister Godall Gondwe,fomer secretary to the office of the president and cabinet Bright Msaka and former ministers Patricia Kaliati,Kondwani Nankhumwa,Nicholas Dausi,Henry Mussa,Jean Kalilani and Symon Kaunda.

On her part Kamanga asked the lawyers to see it whether they have confidence in her to continue with the case or not.

Some of the issues which Kamanga cited include, her involvement in the constitutional matter where in January 2012 the Office of the President and Cabinet moved the courts to determine whether the then Vice President Joyce Banda did not constructively resigned from her position by forming her ditching the party that unshared her into office and formed her own party.

Kamanga was also not sure whether the two sides would be comfortable with her in president the case given that the person mentioned frequently in the charge sheet Epraim Mganda Chiume is a relation to her husband.

The judged further disclosed to the court that her children are friends to children of two of the accused Patricia Kaliati and Bright Msaka.

In his reacting Director of Public Prosecution-DPP Bruno Kalemba did not beat about the bush but accept Kananga’s plea.

However Kalemba told the court that there is possibility of using the judge as a state witness.

According to one the defence team lawyer Noel Chalamanda they are going to respond on the plea on Wednesday


Mutharika Pleads No Guilty To Joyce Banda’s Treason Charge

Mutharika Pleads No Guilty To Joyce Banda's Treason Charge

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Presidential candidate Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has just pleaded not guilty in the Lilongwe High Court a short while ago.

He is being charged along side several other former cabinet ministers and former head of the civil service Bright Msaka. The charges were brought by the government of President Joyce Banda after she took over power following the death of late President Bingu Wa Mutharika in April, 2012.



London based anti-corruption expert Z Allan Ntata has published a comprehensive report on the “cashgate” corruption scandal in Malawi under the title “Licence to Loot”.

The reports compiles most of the material already in the public domain, but also provides additional insights on the workings of  what it argues is a top level corruption syndicate in the Malawi government. 

The academically structured report traces the chain of responsibility and directly implicates the Office of the President, arguing that because of this connection, efforts to solve the cash gate scandal need to be independent in nature.



CP Chief Whip Joseph Njovuyalema has dismissed reports that he is among MCP top officials who have resigned from the party.

Earlier reports reached this blog indicated  Njovuyalema, Beston Majoni and Chris Daza have resigned from MCP.

While sources in MCP have confirmed resignation of Chris Daza, Njovuyalema denied dumping the party

“I can’t leave MCP on my own. I need to first of consult my constituents to give me a go ahead to do so. So I am not leaving MCP. I am still here” said Njovuyalema.

The MCP Chief Whip however admitted there is a crisis in MCP which needs urgent solution.

He blamed people who have surrounded president of the party Dr. Chakwera for not giving him proper advice

“If its true that Daza has resigned from it means we are reducing our chances of getting back into government” he said.

Njovuyalema called on MCP leadership to put their house in order if the party is to get back into government.