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Government sends Kasambara to a juvenile detention facility

The Malawi Government has transferred former Minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara from Kanengo Police Station where he was being held to Kachere Juvenile Prison along Malanga langa Road within the administrative capital, Lilongwe.

Kasambara was transferred to the facility on Monday evening hours after he appeared before the Lilongwe Chief Magistrate Court. He is facing murder charges.

Since his arrest on Friday, he was held at Kanengo Police Station. It is not known why the authorities have decided to transfer Kasambara, an adult, to a facility that is meant for juveniles only.

Since his transfer to the facility on Monday evening, Kachere Juvenile Prison has been swarmed with poshy vehicles moving in probably family members, friends, relations and members of the Malawi legal fraternity visiting and entertaining probably one of Malawi’s best lawyers in detention.

During his court appearance on Monday, Kasambara named Malawi President Joyce Banda as one of his witnesses in the murder attempt case that he has been charged with.

Ralph Kasambara is expected to appear in the High Court later this week for possible bail application after his case was referred to the higher court for trial.


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